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On oscillation of neutral second order differential equations Abstract In this paper we are concerned with the oscillatory behavior of solutions of two general classes of second order nonlinear neutral differential equations. The obtained results improve and extend some known criteria in the literature. Two illustrative examples are given to justify our(More)
New oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear differential equation [ í µí±Ž(í µí±¡) ∣í µí± § ′ (í µí±¡) ∣ í µí±š − 1 í µí± § ′ (í µí±¡) ] ′ + í µí±› ∑ í µí±– = 1 í µí±ž í µí±– (í µí±¡) í µí±“ í µí±– (í µí±¦ (í µí¼ í µí±– (í µí±¡))) = 0 where í µí± § (í µí±¡) = í µí±¦ (í µí±¡) + í µí± (í µí±¡) í µí±¦ (í µí¼Ž (í µí±¡)), for í µí±¡ ≥ í µí±¡ 0 , by(More)
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