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The Royal Institute Elcano† (Real Instituto Elcano) in Spain is a prestigious independent political institute whose mission is to comment on the political situation in the world focusing on its relation to Spain. As part of its dissemination strategy it operates a public website. The online content can be accessed by navigating through categories or by a(More)
As a step toward understanding how community context shapes mating system evolution, we investigated the combined role of two plant antagonisms, vegetative herbivory and intraspecific competition, for reproduction and mating system expression (relative production of selfing, cleistogamous and facultatively outcrossing, chasmogamous flowers and fruits) of(More)
This paper describes a semantic portal on the domain of International Affairs. This application is an integration of several technologies in the field of the Semantic Web in a complex project. We describe an approach, tools and techniques that allow building a semantic portal, where access is based on the meaning of concepts and relations of the(More)
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