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Termite castes are a key example of polyphenism, in which reproductive division of labour is clearly seen in colonies. The reproductive castes in termites include primary and neotenic reproductives; primary reproductives found a new colony whereas neotenics succeed them in the reproductive role when the primary reproductives die or become senescent.(More)
We have used genomic blotting with DNA from a human cell line that has a small deletion on chromosome 6 (6.3.6) and from its parent cell line (T5-1) to map DNA fragments complementary to cloned DNA sequences encoding the HLA-B7 antigen (class I) and the a chain of the HLA-DR antigen (class II). The 6.3.6 variant fails to express the HLA-A, -B, -C, and -DR(More)
The isolation of six mutants of Agrobacterium tumefaciens which can induce tumors at low temperatures (22°C) but fail to do so at 28°C is described. At the nonpermissive temperature the following characteristics of the mutants are the same as those of the wild type: growth rates in vitro, growth rates in planta, and sensitivity towards agrocin 84, a marker(More)
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