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Calculation of costs of different medical and surgical services has numerous uses, which include monitoring the performance of service-delivery, setting the efficiency target, benchmarking of services across all sectors, considering investment decisions, commissioning to meet health needs, and negotiating revised levels of funding. The role of(More)
Two alternative service delivery strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bangladesh national Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health programme have been tested: (1) service delivery at cluster spots, a centrally located neighbourhood spot, rather than at the client's home, and (2) increased frequency of outreach clinics merged(More)
Liver transplantation is an effective therapy for end stage liver disease. Nevertheless in many areas of the world organ availability remains a major problem. We report here the success of the first living-related liver transplantation in Africa. The left lateral lobe of the mother was transplanted orthotopically to her 6 year old child suffering from liver(More)
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