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Pumps are designed and manufactured to operate well away from the cavitation condition and thus the factors affecting the onset of cavitation are important. A specially designed test rig was and constructed so that the onset of cavitation could be studied visually while obtaining actual NPSH data. The magnitude of the NPSH level at 3% drop in total(More)
Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a potential alternative of liquid petroleum fuel in automotive application. The combustion process of CNG in engine is a complex thermodynamic process and highly sensitive with operating conditions. Additionally, the experimental investigations of engine performance are time consuming and quite expensive. Present study(More)
Nanofluids are promising in many fields, including engineering and medicine. Stability deterioration may be a critical constraint for potential applications of nanofluids. Proper ultrasonication can improve the stability, and possibility of the safe use of nanofluids in different applications. In this study, stability properties of TiO2-H2O nanofluid for(More)
Improving dispersion stability of nanofluids through ultrasonication has been shown to be effective. Determining specific conditions of ultrasonication for a certain nanofluid is necessary. For this purpose, nanofluids of varying nanoparticle concentrations were prepared and studied to find out a suitable and rather mono-dispersed concentration (i.e., 0.5(More)
This paper describes the development stages and performance of a solar powered thermoelectric refrigerator. It is carried out by installing a conventional thermoelectric refrigerator in a stand alone photovoltaic system for household usage. This photovoltaic driven refrigerator is powered by a field of solar panels, a battery bank, a solar charge(More)
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