R Sabovcik

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A Ca(2+)-blockable monovalent cation channel is present in the apical membrane of the ectoderm of the gastrulating chick embryo. We used the patch clamp technique to study several single-channel permeation properties of this channel. In symmetrical conditions without Ca2+, the Na+ current carried by the channel rectifies inwardly. The channel has an(More)
Some epithelial nonselective cation channels although in an open conformation are impermeable because they are blocked by extracellular Ca2+ ions. Such a channel is present in the apical membrane of the ectodermal cells of the chick gastrula. This single-channel study shows that protonation of a site located inside the pore of this embryonic channel reduces(More)
The presence of a Ca2+-blockable monovalent cation current is demonstrated in isolated ectodermal cells of the chick embryo using the whole-cell patch-clamp method. In the absence of any stimulation, the whole-cell current is time independent and rectifies outwardly at membrane potentials higher than +40 mV. The outward current is neither carried by Cl-(More)
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