R. S. Wittman

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A 28-year-old female presented for evaluation of left flank pain and polyuria after having been exposed to cadmium in the jewelry manufacturing industry for approximately 3 years. This patient possessed both elevated 24-hr urinary ss2-microglobulin and elevated blood cadmium levels. Approximately 6 months after initial presentation, the patient resigned(More)
A dynamic simulation model for the Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System top-level functions has been developed. The model simulates the expected activity occurring between the 177 underground waste storage tanks during the waste remediation campaign period of about 30 years. An animation is also developed that shows the material flow of tank farm waste(More)
We announce a new class of carbon allotropes. The basis of this new classification resides on the concept of combining hexagonal diamond (sp3 bonded carbon - lonsdaleite) and ring carbon (sp2 bonded carbon - graphene). Since hexagonal diamond acts as an insulator and sp2 bonded rings act as conductors, these predicted materials have potential applications(More)
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