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HE role of genetics in determining arterial blood pressure has been the s u b of numerous papers in the medical literature. Familial aggregation of blood pressure levels is well documented in human populations (summarized by MCKUSICK 1960; SCHTNEITZER et al. 1962; ROBERTS 1964). Although there is little doubt that genetic factors to some degree determine(More)
Mean plasma cholesterol levels were determined at two ages in mice from eight unrelated inbred strains (BALB/cJ, BDP/J, CBA/J, C57BL/6J, LP/J, RF/J, SJL/J, and 129/J). Significant strain, sex, and age differences were observed. Estimates of the degree of genetic determination of the trait obtained from an analysis of the strain data averaged 58 +/- 4% for(More)
Two selection experiments were designed to change hematocrit percent. In the first experiment the mice were measured at 60 days and elevated hematocritis were achieved in the first generation with no further response. In the second experiment hematocritis were taken at 100 days and two-way response continued for three generations after which the difference(More)
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