R. S. Raja Durai

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Bifurcations of periodic orbits and chaos in the Brusselator chemical reaction with different shape of external periodic forces are studied numerically. The external periodic forces considered are sine wave, square-wave, rectified sine wave, symmetric saw-tooth wave, asymmetric saw-tooth wave and modulus of sine wave. Period doubling bifurcations, chaos,(More)
technical section Figure 1 Formation of a bladder wrap: a) existing anatomy; b) sutures are placed at the vesicostomal junction into the detrusor; c) sutures are tied, plicating the junction. Bladder Stoma/Mitrofanoff Urethra Vicryl® sutures Plicated vesicostomal junction techniQUe After dissection through the abdominal wall, the anastomosis between the(More)
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