R. S. Massey

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[1] Since 1998 the Los Alamos Sferic Array (LASA) has recorded electric field change signals from lightning in support of radio frequency (RF) and optical observations by the Fast On-orbit Recording of Transient Events (FORTE) satellite. By ‘‘sferic’’ (a colloquial abbreviation for ‘‘atmospheric’’), we refer to a remote measurement of the transient electric(More)
Second-order rate constants have been determined for deuteroxide ion-catalyzed exchange of the C(3)-proton for deuterium, k(DO) (M(-1) s(-1)), of a series of 20 triazolium salts in aqueous solution at 25 °C and ionic strength I = 1.0 (KCl). Evidence is presented that the rate constant for the reverse protonation of the triazol-3-ylidenes by solvent water is(More)
Rate and equilibrium constants for the reaction between N-aryl triazolium N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) precatalysts and substituted benzaldehyde derivatives to form 3-(hydroxybenzyl)azolium adducts under both catalytic and stoichiometric conditions have been measured. Kinetic analysis and reaction profile fitting of both the forward and reverse reactions,(More)
5-Substituted 6,7-dihydrodibenz[c,e]azepines, a class of secondary amine incorporating a centre-axis chirality relay, are accessible from 1-substituted N-(2-bromobenzyl)-1-phenylmethanamines via N-acylation and ring-closing intramolecular direct arylation. The ring closure proceeds with high atropodiastereoselectivity due to strain effects that are induced(More)
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