R. S. MacKay

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We study the stationary states of networks consisting of weakly coupled bistable units. We prove the existence of a high multiplicity of stable steady states in networks with very general inter-unit dynamics. We present a method for estimating the critical coupling strength below which these stationary states persist in the network. In some cases, the(More)
Although humans have difficulty whistling when in a habitat that is more than 20 meters underwater, dolphins can make certain sounds at great depths through a related mechanism. Other dolphin sounds, such as clicks and complex buzzes, are produced by vibrations of the tissue of the nasal plugs, apparently without the use of the larynx; in these instances,(More)
The interaction of two charges moving in R in a magnetic field B can be formulated as a Hamiltonian system with 4 degrees of freedom. Assuming that the magnetic field is uniform and the interaction potential has rotational symmetry we reduce this Hamiltonian system to one with 2 degrees of freedom; for certain values of the conserved quantities and choices(More)
Methods for externally measuring pressure within body cavities exist. In tonometer form they are fast and gentle not requiring anesthetics for the cornea of the human eye. Readings are accurate and independent of tissue tension, corneal stiffness, astigmatic curvatures, and surface tension. There are also separate indications of corneal rigidity and(More)