R S Kamer

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Rats received either 0 or 30 preexposures to a tone which was later used as a conditioned stimulus (CS) in a two-way avoidance task. Tone preexposure resulted in retarded conditioning in normal animals and animals with dorsal raphe lesions. This latent inhibition effect, however, was not present in animals with medial raphe lesions. The failure of CS(More)
It is well documented that chronic neuroleptic treatment creates a dopamine receptor supersensitivity in the striatum. The present study examined the effect of chronic neuroleptic treatment on mesolimbic dopamine receptor binding. Rats received either 0.5 mg/kg of haloperidol, 50 mg/kg of sodium phenobarbital, or 0.9% saline daily for 21 days. One week(More)
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