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The mRNAs of transiently expressed genes frequently contain an AU-rich sequence in the 3' untranslated region. We introduced a 51 nucleotide AT sequence from a human lymphokine gene, GM-CSF, into the 3' untranslated region of the rabbit beta-globin gene. Our experiments demonstrate that this caused the otherwise stable beta-globin mRNA to become highly(More)
  • T Ghayur, S Banerjee, M Hugunin, D Butler, L Herzog, A Carter +8 others
  • 1997
Interferon-gamma-inducing factor (IGIF, interleukin-18) is a recently described cytokine that shares structural features with the interleukin-1 (IL-1) family of proteins and functional properties with IL-12. Like IL-12, IGIF is a potent inducer of interferon (IFN)-gamma from T cells and natural killer cells. IGIF is synthesized as a biologically inactive(More)
Sequences which activate polyoma virus DNA replication are located within a region that also includes the transcriptional enhancer. We demonstrate a cis involvement of enhancers in DNA replication by showing that this region can be replaced by other enhancers, in a position- and orientation-independent manner, and that an immunoglobulin gene enhancer(More)
A total of 48 subjects participated in a relaxation experiment to determine whether frontalis muscle EMG biofeedback, Transcendental Meditation, and meditation (Benson technique) produced decreased muscle tension and concomitant changes in locus of control. All three treatments resulted in significant decreases in frontalis muscle tension when compared to a(More)
Certain proteins are known to play an important part in the proliferation, differentiation and functional activation of haematopoietic progenitor cells in vitro. These proteins include erythropoietin and various colony-stimulating factors (CSFs), one of which is granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF). Recently, both murine and human(More)
A modified polyoma virus genome has been constructed which can encode the middle-T protein, but not the large-T or small-T proteins. This was achieved, starting with the full length viral DNA inserted into a plasmid vector, by replacing a small genomic restriction fragment spanning the middle-T intervening sequence with the equivalent fragment from a cloned(More)
The expression in normal rat cells of modified polyoma virus genomes, separately encoding large T, middle T or small T antigens, has allowed the investigation of the roles of these proteins in oncogenic transformation. Middle T is sufficient to transform cells of established lines but the transformants are serum dependent. Large T lacks intrinsic oncogenic(More)
This study investigated the effects of long-term tracheostomy on the development of speech. Eight children who underwent tracheotomy during the prelingual period were compared to matched controls on selected spectral parameters of the speech acoustic signal and standard measures of oral-motor, phonologic, and articulatory proficiency. Analysis of formant(More)