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Currently, the most useful application of high-frequency (greater than or equal to 8 kHz) auditory evaluation is for serial monitoring of patients receiving potentially ototoxic agents. Many individuals, however, are unable to respond to behavioral auditory test techniques. An objective evaluation method such as the auditory brainstem response (ABR) is(More)
Short-term stress relaxation of four dental amalgam alloys was studied. Test materials included two conventional lathe-cut restoratives, a spherical alloy, and a dispersed phase product. Specimens were 24-hr-old 4 X 8-mm cylinders. The specimens were compressed and held at constant strain on development of a stress (So) of 28 MN/m2. Subsequent stress(More)
A study was performed to seek out inadvertent connections between neutral and ground in the power distribution system of a newly constructed hospital, prior to occupancy. Such connections are not only violations of code but could cause medical device problems. Ground wires are not intended to carry load currents except during faults. When currents do flow(More)
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