R S Guo

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The Belle detector was designed and constructed to carry out quantitative studies of rare B-meson decay modes with very small branching fractions using an asymmetric e þ e À collider operating at the U(4S) resonance, the KEK-B-factory. Such studies require data samples containing B10 7 B-meson decays. The Belle detector is configured around a 1:5 T(More)
We establish the existence of the top quark using a 67 pb ' data sample of pp collisions at ~s = 1.8 TeV collected with the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). Employing techniques similar to those we previously published, we observe a signal consistent with tt decay to WWbb, but inconsistent with the background prediction by 4.8o.. Additional evidence for(More)
We have searched for anomalous production of missing E T (6 E T), jets, lep-tons (e; ;), b-quarks, or additional photons in events containing two isolated , central (jj < 1:0) photons with E T > 12 GeV. The results are consistent with standard model expectations, with the possible exception of one event that has in addition to the two photons a central(More)
The results based on 1992 –95 data (Run 1) from the CDF and D0 experiments on the measurements of the W boson mass and width are presented, along with the combined results. We report a Tevatron collider average M W ˆ 80:456 0:059 GeV. We also report the Tevatron collider average of the directly measured W boson width ÿ W ˆ 2:115 0:105 GeV. We describe a new(More)
The diiractive production of 0 (770) mesons in muon-proton interactions is studied in the kinematic region 0.15 GeV 2 < Q 2 < 20 GeV 2 and 20 GeV < < 420 GeV. The data were obtained in the Fermilab xed-target experiment E665 with primary muons of 470 GeV energy. Results are presented on the Q 2 , x and dependence of the cross section, on the shape of the +(More)
We report the results of a search for a W' boson produced in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV using a 107 pb-1 data sample recorded by the Collider Detector at Fermilab. We consider the decay channel W'-->&munumu and search for anomalous production of high transverse mass munumu lepton pairs. We observe no excess of events above(More)
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