R. S. Dharmarajan

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Orthopaedic problems have been a constant and nagging hindrance that has been plaguing the elderly community. The treatment for this requires either medication in hospital or at their home comfort by physiotherapists. The dearth of physiotherapists in India has compounded to this problem. Moreover, the media tools, that are employed to teach physiotherapy,(More)
This article explores possibilities of partitioning the vertex set of a given simple loop-free Sperner hypergraph into a union of transversals. Studies are done on the possible number of transversals in such partitions, followed by forming a hypergraph (on the vertex set of the given hypergraph) that consists of transversals for hyperedges. AMS Subject(More)
The problem of combining preferences arises in several applications, such as combining the results of di erent search engines. This work describes an eÆcient algorithm for combining multiple preferences. We rst give a formal framework for the problem. We then describe and analyze a new boosting algorithm for combining preferences called RankBoost. We also(More)
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