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Chapter I GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 §1 Fredholm and Volterra equations 1 1.1 Fredholm equations 1 1.2 Equations with a weak singularity 6 1.3 Volterra equations 6 §2 Other classes of integral equations 8 / 2.1 Equations with convolution kernels 8 * 2.2 The Wiener-Hopf equations 9 2.3 Dual equations 9 2.4 Integral transforms 10 * 2.5 Singular integral equations(More)
The mathematical foundation of many real-world problems can be quite deep. Such a situation arises in the study of the flow and deformation (rheology) of viscoelastic materials such as naturally occurring and synthetic polymers. In order to advance polymer science and the efficient manufacture of synthetic polymers, it is necessary to recover information(More)
MOTIVATION Because of the high cost of sequencing, the bulk of gene discovery is performed using anonymous cDNA microarrays. Though the clones on such arrays are easier and cheaper to construct and utilize than unigene and oligonucleotide arrays, they are there in proportion to their corresponding gene expression activity in the tissue being examined. The(More)
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