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We investigated the possibility that fra(X) heterozygotes had a distinct or specific set of mental deficits ("cognitive profile") which would allow for accurate diagnosis. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) subtest scores obtained on 8 fra(X) school age girls were compared with similar scores obtained on 8 "learning-disabled" non(More)
During the last few years, scientific investigations have proposed diet based regimens to prevent several health ailments including obesity, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. In this regard, a promising tool is the use of functional foods/nutraceuticals. Present research project was an attempt to explore nutraceutical worth of locally grown green tea(More)
Fuzzy State Space Model (FSSM) is a new modeling technique, which was developed for solving inverse problems in multivariable control systems. In this approach, the flexibility of fuzzy modeling is incorporated with the crisp state space models proposed in the modern control theory. The vagueness and uncertainty of the parameters are represented in the(More)
We present two women with the fragile X syndrome (Martin-Bell syndrome) and autism. Both are mentally retarded, one mildly and one severely. Cytogenetic studies showed a high percentage of lymphocytes with the fragile X chromosome and inactivation occurring preferentially in the normal X chromosome. Autism is shown to be a severe behavioral and cognitive(More)
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