R. S. A. Raja Abdullah

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This paper presents both simulation and experimental study to detect and locate breast tumors along with their classification as malignant and/or benign in three dimensional (3D) breast model. The contrast between the dielectric properties of these two tumor types is the main key. These dielectric properties are mainly controlled by the water and blood(More)
Detecting an on-the-ground object is a subject of interest for use in some applications. Foreign Object Detection (FOD), which is an important issue in aviation safety, is a possible application. In this way, radar imaging, has several inherent advantages over other on-the-ground object detection techniques. This paper will introduce a ground-based Circular(More)
Synthetic Aperture Radar is well known for producing a radar image of the ground, so it can be used for detecting onthe-ground object which is interesting for some applications. A possible application can be Foreign Object Detection (FOD), which is an important issue in aviation safety. A ground-based Circular Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar(More)
In this paper, a new design of a compact narrowband bandpass filter is proposed. This new narrowband bandpass filter is designed using an octagonal form of dual-mode closed-loop microstrip ring resonator based on a meander structure in order to achieve compactness. The designed filter has a 3 dB fractional bandwidth (FBW) of 5% at 2.3 GHz. The filter has(More)
Density is an important parameter to determine the strength of road, and it will ensure the safety of the use as well as maintaining the quality of road pavement. In this paper, the validation of GPR mixture model based on the microwave nondestructive free space method to determine the density of road pavement typed Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) will be presented.(More)
This study reports on tunable planar metamaterial design that is capable to achieve dual-band negative index of refraction responses operating in microwave regime. Its distinctive characteristic is the usage of tuning open stub-loaded stepped-impedance resonators. Parameters retrieval algorithm, and full-wave simulation of prismshaped structure were carried(More)
In this design, low cost coplanar slim tag antenna has been introduced for UHF band (860-960 MHz) which is designed for metallic objects. The tag antenna was proposed with proximity coupled feeding; a transmission line fed by a U-shaped inductively coupled feed and two symmetrical coplanar ground layers. Furthermore, the U-shaped feeder's configuration(More)
Most of the currently established techniques for breast cancer have inherent disadvantages, such as destructive effects, image accuracy, and others. In addition, mammography and nuclear methods have a potential for producing harmful ionization effects in humans. Another technique for breast cancer detection is microwave imaging radar, which has the(More)
An inductively coupled feed novel technique is proposed to enhance the performance of RFID tag antennas. The applied feeding concept comprises of two opposing symmetrical U-shaped structures to feed a radiating body. It is a simple alternative to effectively match between the antenna impedance with the chip impedance from the flexible augmentation of(More)
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