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This paper compares the two most prominent alternatives of an upcoming commercial SiC power switch: JFET vs. MOSFET. Besides the lower specific R<sub>on</sub> achievable with a SiC-JFET according to today's technological progress, also reliability and long term stability concerns give advantage to the JFET concept. The major drawback of the JFET, its(More)
Silicon carbide power devices are believed to revolutionize key sectors of the power semiconductor business in the next decade. At the moment, their cost positions have to be improved in order to enlarge their market potential. A first step in this direction is the availability of a high quality 3" base material as well as the outlook for having 4" wafers(More)
Whereas SiC switches have the overall lowest dynamic losses, they show higher static losses due to the lack of conductivity modulation and the necessary chip size limitations due to the still high SiC base material price. The frequency dependence of the total losses of the various 1200V configurations (Si-IGBT + Si freewheeling diode, Si IGBT + SiC Schottky(More)
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