R. Rox Anderson

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We describe a new method of cell destruction that may have potential for use in antitumor therapy. Cells are loaded by phagocytosis with microparticles (<1 microm) and irradiated with short laser pulses. Absorption of laser energy by the microparticles causes localized vaporization of the fluid surrounding the microparticles, leading to the generation of(More)
Acne vulgaris is a nearly universal cutaneous inflammatory disease. Excess sebum production is an integral part of disease pathogenesis. Medical therapies that reduce sebum excretion result in clinical improvement of acne. Given the preferential susceptibility of lipid-containing cells to cold, we investigated the hypothesis that controlled local skin(More)
Cryolipolysis is a noninvasive, skin cooling treatment for local fat reduction that causes prolonged hypoesthesia over the treated area. We tested the hypothesis that cryolipolysis can attenuate nociception of a range of sensory stimuli, including stimuli that evoke itch. The effects of cryolipolysis on sensory phenomena were evaluated by quantitative(More)
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