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The general theory of Jónsson-classes is generalized to strongly smooth qua-siconstructs in such a way that it also allows the construction of universal categories. One example of the theory is the existence of a concrete universal category over every base category. Properties are given which are (under certain conditions) equivalent to the existence of(More)
The men bound the big logs first with new hemp and, like ants, trundled them to a cliff to plunge through tall nettles. The logs gathered thirst for the sea which their own vined bodies were born with. Now the trunks in eagerness to become canoes ploughed into breakers of bushes, making raw holes of boulders, feeling not death inside them, but use – to roof(More)
Umbilical cord complications are the most common cause of pathologic fetal heart tones during delivery. The inauguration of colour-coded Doppler ultrasound in obstetrics has made the definite diagnosis of umbilical cord encirclement during delivery possible. The prospective study introduced here examines the question of how exactly an encirclement can be(More)
253 milk teeth with inflamed gingiva were observed for 19 months (on average) around the time of exfoliation and changeover to the secondary dentition. The criteria used were the gingival index by Löe and Silness, the intravital staining of glycogen with iodine solution by Zabinska and the plaque index by Quigley and Hein. In about one third of the cases,(More)
Es wurden 253 Milchzähne mit entzündlicher Gingiva durchschnittlich 19 Monate lang über den Zahnwechsel hinweg beobachtet. Prüfkriterien waren: der Gingiva-Index nachLöe undSilness, die intravitale Glykogenanfärbung mit Jodlösung nachZabinska und der Plaque-Index nachQuigley undHein. Bei etwa einem Drittel der Fälle verblieb eine geringe Restentzündung nach(More)
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