R. Rossmanith

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Adipose tissue grows primarily by a combination of increases in fat cell volume (hypertrophy) and in fat cell number (hyperplasia), but the regional growth pattern of white adipose tissue depots in animal species and in the human is still unclear. In this study we characterized fully the age-related changes in adipose tissue growth, composition, and(More)
Linac-ring colliders are considered as one approach to an asymmetric B-factory. The beam-beam effect in a superconducting linac is different from the beam-beam effect in a storage ring or linear collider. The electron beam is guided through the positron beam and disrupted. A discussion is presented of possible test facilities to study this effect.<<ETX>>
Recent measurements of beam polarization in the electron-positron storage ring PETRA are presented. A method is described for compensating the depolarizing effects caused by vertical closed orbit distortions. This technique has been successfully applied, and reproducible polarization up to 80 % has been obtained both in single beam and colliding beam(More)
Installation of "mini-ß-inserts", addition of 2nd harmonic cavities , and increase of energy are the main efforts at PETRA now. By reducing the free space for the high energy physics detectors to ± 4.45 m the beta-functions at the interaction points can be decreased to 6 cm vertically and 130 cm horizontally, thus decreasing the beam size by a factor of(More)
During the last year the e-e+-storage ring DORIS was changed from a 2 x 3,5 GeV double ring with 2 x 480 bunches circulating to a single ring single bunch machine with a maximum energy of 2 x 5.1 GeV. The modifications in the magnet structure and of the rf system are described. The main problems at higher energies were due to magnet saturation and(More)
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