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S-Zephyr, a new column material for high performance cation exchange chromatography of proteins, is compared with Mono-S. The comparison is based on a retentivity study, a model separation of an artificial protein mixture, a sample load capacity experiment and the development of the separation performance at a column overload situation. S-Zephyr is found to(More)
Determining the orientation of the immobilization of proteins to solid-phase matrices is of critical importance in the development of systems that employ immobilized proteins. Among these are enzyme-linked immunoassays, immobilized enzymes and affinity chromatography matrices. To determine the orientation of immunoglobulin G (IgG) on activated agaroses, we(More)
Belted cattle have a circular belt of unpigmented hair and skin around their midsection. The belt is inherited as a monogenic autosomal dominant trait. We mapped the causative variant to a 54 kb segment on bovine chromosome 3. Whole genome sequence data of 2 belted and 130 control cattle yielded only one private genetic variant in the critical interval in(More)
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