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Hack's law is reviewed, emphasizing its implications for the elongation of river basins as well as its connections with their fractal characteristics. The relation between Hack's law and the internal structure of river basins is investigated experimentally through digital elevation models. It is found that Hack's exponent, elongation, and some relevant(More)
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Geoscientific Model Development (GMD). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in GMD if available. Abstract This paper presents a discussion of the predictive capacity of the first implementation of the semi-distributed hydrological modeling system JGrass-NewAge. This model fo-cuses on(More)
Moving from the exact result that drainage network configurations minimizing total energy dissipation are stationary solutions of the general equation describing landscape evolution, we review the static properties and the dynamic origins of the scale-invariant structure of optimal river patterns. Optimal channel networks (OCNs) are feasible optimal(More)
In recent years a new theory of the evolution of drainage networks and associated landscapes has emerged, mainly in connection with the development of fractal geometry and of self-organized criticality (SOC) concepts. This theory has much improved our understanding of the mechanisms which determine the structure of natural landscapes and their dynamics of(More)
The rareness of false arterial aneurysm, a consequence of a non-penetrating injury of a limb, induced the Authors, on the basis of the most recent literature, to review its physiopathologic, clinical and therapeutical aspects, with the purpose to hasten its diagnosis and prevent its complications through the adoption of the most suitable surgical treatment.
The paper presents the integration of the GEOtop model into the Object Modeling System version 3.0 (OMS3) and its application. GEOtop is a physically based spatially distributed rainfall-runoff model, performing water and energy budgets. The OMS3 integration widened the application range of GEOtop as presented in the paper. By running GEOtop as an OMS3(More)