R. Richter

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent childhood-onset psychiatric syndromes affecting 5%-10% of school-age children worldwide. Distortions in the catecholaminergic system seem to be responsible for this condition. Within this system there are several candidate genes, the dopamine receptor D(4) (DRD4) and the dopamine(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated whether the INTERMED, a generic instrument for assessing biopsychosocial case complexity and direct care, identifies organ transplant patients at risk of unfavourable post-transplant development by comparing it to the Transplant Evaluation Rating Scale (TERS), the established measure for pretransplant psychosocial evaluation. (More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the present study was to make a precise analysis of social network and social support to patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (CEDE) in comparison with healthy controls. METHODS 35 patients with colitis ulcerosa and 47 patients with Morbus Crohn were interviewed using the questionnaire for investigating social network(More)
The paper reflects central recommendations and methodological issues of the new German guidelines for the treatment of depression, as discussed in the article New German Guidelines for the Treatment of Depression - The Central Role of Psychotherapy (Schauenburg et al. 2009). Members of the steering group for these guidelines disagree with the authors'(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with psychosocial problems often present somatic symptoms in primary care. OBJECTIVE The authors compare interventions and outcomes of emotionally-distressed patients by presenting physical disease, somatoform symptoms, or psychological symptoms. METHOD General practitioners (N=191) documented data from 1,286 patients with(More)
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