R. Reyes

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Nowadays, the reconstruction of genome-scale metabolic models is a nonautomatized and interactive process based on decision making. This lengthy process usually requires a full year of one person's work in order to satisfactory collect, analyze, and validate the list of all metabolic reactions present in a specific organism. In order to write this list, one(More)
Until very recently, analysis of bone biopsies by means of the method of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) collected after surgery or amputation has been considered as the sole reliable method for radiation dose assessment in hands and feet. EPR measurements in finger- and toenail have been considered for accident dosimetry for a long time. Human nails(More)
Eukaryotic cells have internal scaffolding of microtubules cytoskeleton that gives them their characteristic shapes. We analyzed by immuno-fluorescence the shift and distribution of tubuline during in vitro bull sperm nuclei swelling by the action of heparin-reduced glutathione physiological decondensing agents. Sperm tubulin display a pattern that shows(More)
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