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This paper presents results of a collaborative trial study (IUPAC project No. 650/93/97) involving 29 laboratories in 13 countries applying a method for detecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. The method is based on using the polymerase chain reaction to determine the 35S promotor and the NOS terminator for detection of GMOs. reference(More)
Receptor molecules play a major role in the desensitization of agonist-stimulated cellular responses. For G protein-coupled receptors, rapid desensitization occurs via receptor phosphorylation, sequestration, and internalization, yet the cellular compartments in which these events occur and their interrelationships are unclear. In this work, we focus on the(More)
The secretin receptor belongs to a recently recognized family of G protein-coupled receptors that lack the sequence motifs typical of the beta-adrenergic receptor family. Because our understanding of the regulatory mechanisms for these receptors is largely based on the latter group, we have begun to explore these mechanisms in the secretin receptor. In the(More)
The association between corticosteroid treatment and gastric ulcer healing is controversial. The effects of corticosteroids on experimental ulcer healing in the rat were studied and the effect of coadministration of a prostaglandin E1 analogue was determined. Forty male adult rats were divided into five groups and pretreated for 10 days as follows: (a)(More)
Receptor desensitization is a key process for the protection of the cell from continuous or repeated exposure to high concentrations of an agonist. Well-established mechanisms for desensitization of guanine nucleotide-binding protein (G protein)-coupled receptors include phosphorylation, sequestration/internalization, and down-regulation. In this work, we(More)
CFRP components and CFRP / metal compounds are increasingly applied for safety sensitive and high investment products (e.g. aircrafts and, in the near future, for wind power stations as well) for which the requirements regarding surface integrity allow no level of degradation of service life relative to the original component design. In this contribution we(More)
Music teachers in secondary schools are facing a great challenge when attempting to successfully engage pupils in classical music appreciation. The distance e-learning sector has for a long time neglected to address the specific needs of teaching and learning music. This paper describes the use of social multimedia technologies to engage pupils in classical(More)
BACKGROUND Are short programs useful to glaucoma-screening? We investigated the concept of Program G1x with Octopus 1-2-3, which permits examination of various numbers of test locations i.e., 16, 32, 45, or all 59 test locations. PATIENTS AND METHODS Using 99 visual fields of glaucomatous or glaucoma-suspect right eyes, we compared mean defect (MD) and(More)
In a department of internal medicine of a district hospital all consultations given by representatives of non-internal medical specialties and by specialized or highly specialized representatives of the subject of internal medicine in a period of five months were registered. In 29% of all patients attended in the period of observation consultation(More)
The population of diabetics of a district was analysed concerning the age structure, the proportion of the insulin-dependent patients as well as the insulin-dependent diabetics older than 60 years were analysed with regard to the degree of the realization of insulinisation. 13.8% of all diabetics with an age older than 60 years are insulin-dependent. In(More)