R. Rengaswamy

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A comprehensive model is developed based on an optimal strategy describing varied microbial growth phenomenon involving sequential and simultaneous utilization of substrate. The model mimics the complex regulatory process of a cell which results in diverse growth process with the help of simple multi-variable constrained optimization, which aims at(More)
— Stiction in control loops lead to oscillations and loss of productivity. Timely detection of stiction in control valves can be used in scheduling valve maintenance and deployment of compensation techniques to reduce their impact. Several approaches have been proposed for detection of stiction. Data-based approaches use unique shapes of the PV and OP data(More)
In optimal input design problems, the designer seeks to solve for maximally informative inputs to be used as perturbation signals in system identification experiments. Plantfriendly identification experiments are those that satisfy plant or operator constraints on experiment time, input and output amplitudes or input move sizes. These have been reported to(More)
— Sense-response applications are widely being used for safeguarding critical infrastructure. In such applications, the sensor nodes detect and report events of interest to the base-station which promptly responds with a physical response. A concern that arises immediately is regarding the ability of the sensor nodes to encounter malicious entities that(More)
There has been growing interest in the modelling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC). While some steady-state models have been proposed, literature is scarce in PEMFC two-phase dynamic models and transient studies. Typical dynamic models for the fuel cell are empirical current-voltage dynamic models. The internal transients associated with(More)
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