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Future computing workloads will emphasize an architecture's ability to perform relatively simple calculations on massive quantities of mixed-width data. This paper describes a novel reconfigurable fabric architecture, PipeRench, optimized to accelerate these types of computations. PipeRench enables fast, robust compilers, supports forward compatibility, and(More)
Cryptographic algorithms are more efficiently implemented in custom hardware than in software running on general-purpose processors. However, systems which use hardware implementations have significant drawbacks: they are unable to respond to flaws discovered in the implemented algorithm or to changes in standards. In this paper we show how reconfigurable(More)
Reconfigurable hardware accelerators have been shown to be flexible and efficient in stream-based applications. In this paper, we discuss the design of PCI-PipeRench and the SWORDAPI. PCI-PipeRench is a coprocessor utilizing the PipeRench architecture which includes on-chip control and data buffering to interface with a host processor over a PCI bus.(More)
| Error correcting codes ECCs are widely used in digital communications. Recently, new types of ECCs have been proposed which permit error-free data transmission over noisy channels at rates which approach the Shan-non capacity. For wireless communication, these new codes allow more data to be carried in the same spectrum, lower transmission power, and(More)
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