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Disease-specific understanding of echocardiographic sequences requires accurate characterization of spatio-temporal motion patterns. In this paper we present a method of automatic extraction and matching of spatio-temporal patterns from cardiac echo videos. Specifically, we extract cardiac regions (chambers and walls) using a variation of multiscale(More)
An HSDPA coprocessor for 3G mobile terminals performs all layer 1 baseband chip rate, symbol rate, physical channel and transport channel processing required to receive 3GPP Release 6 HSDPA at data rates up to 7.2 Mb/s. The design is scalable to all HSDPA data rates up to 14 Mb/s. An advanced receiver using NLMS adaptive equalisers and receive diversity(More)
 Abstract—This paper proposes Particle Swarm optimization algorithm based on Membrane Computing (PSOMC) for solving optimal reactive power dispatch problem. PSOMC is designed with the framework and rules of a cell-like P systems, and particle swarm optimization with the neighbourhood search. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm, it(More)
Using custom circuitry, a higher level of performance has been achieved for a new implementation of the Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC). A CY601 processor (integer unit), running at a clock rate of 25-33 MHz, implements the complete set of SPARC instructions in a 0.8- mu m CMOS technology. An overview is given of the processor chip and its interface(More)
This paper deals with the identification and classification of faults in high voltage radial UG cables by wavelet transform. It presents the use of wavelet as a pattern classifier to perform the tasks of different fault identification and classification .In this work the cable model is taken and the different faults in the cable were identified and(More)
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