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In 2010, we observed isolates with matching pulsed-field gel electrophoresis patterns from 13 cases of ciprofloxacin-resistant Shigella sonnei in Montréal. We report on the emergence of this resistance type and a study of resistance mechanisms. The investigation suggested local transmission among men who have sex with men associated with sex venues.
Suicide on subway systems is a public health challenge that has been reported in urban centers worldwide. Our objective was to analyze studies of suicide on subway systems, develop a profile of characteristics that are suggestive of association with suicides or attempts, and show how this profile can inform prevention. A literature review involving(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper has 3 objectives. First, we review the epidemiologic evidence for the association between suicidal behaviour and suicide in individuals diagnosed with antisocial, borderline, or narcissistic personality disorder. Second, we examine whether any potentially modifiable risk factors are associated with these diagnoses, based on existing(More)
The use of epidemiology in documenting the mortality experience in complex emergencies has become pervasive in humanitarian practice. Recent assessments in Iraq and Darfur have provoked much discussion on the assessment of mortality in scientific and policy spheres. In this context, the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters and the Harvard(More)
Conflict and Health began in 2007 with an aim to provide a forum to document public health responses during and after conflict across the world. The journal has published over 120 articles that span the range of public health domains including, but not limited to, infectious disease control, reproductive health and sexual and gender-based violence, mental(More)
Ebola virus disease (Ebola) was first detected in Sierra Leone in May 2014 and was likely introduced into the eastern part of the country from Guinea. The disease spread westward, eventually affecting Freetown, Sierra Leone's densely populated capital. By December 2014, Sierra Leone had more Ebola cases than Guinea and Liberia, the other two West African(More)
BACKGROUND More than a decade of conflict has weakened the health system in the Democratic Republic of Congo and decreased its ability to respond to the needs of the population. Community scorecards have been conceived as a way to increase accountability and responsiveness of service providers, but there is limited evidence of their effects, particularly in(More)
BACKGROUND Suicidal behaviour, primarily through self-poisoning, is a major public health problem among youth in Sri Lanka. METHODS This article describes a qualitative study of student perspectives on suicidal behaviour and its prevention. Focus groups were held with students 17-20 years of age. A discussion of the perceived causes of suicidal behaviour(More)
Ruwan Ratnayake is currently with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), Brussels, Belgium. This essay was written while he was an independent research consultant. The views expressed here are solely the responsibility of the author and not of CRED. pesticide poisoning in developing countries to well-informed(More)