R Ramachandram

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Phytochemical studies on the roots of Hemidesmus indicus resulted in the isolation of six new pentacyclic triterpenes including two oleanenes identified as olean-12-en-21 beta-yl acetate, and olean-12-en-3 alpha-yl acetate, three ursenes characterized as 16(17)-seco-urs-12,20(30)-dien-18 alpha H-3 beta-yl actetate, urs-20(30)-en-18 beta H-3 beta-yl acetate(More)
Phytochemical studies on the stem bark of Thevetia peruviana resulted in the isolation of six new ursane-type triterpenes, named peruvianursenyl acetate A, peruvianursenyl acetate B, isolupenyl acetate, peruvianursenyl acetate C, lupedienyl acetate and peruvianursenyl glucoside along with two known triterpenoids, namely alpha-amyrin acetate and lupeol(More)
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