R. Rajavelsamy

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The Internet is enabling us to address some educational challenges, bringing learning to students instead of bringing students to learning. It is allowing for the creation of learning communities that defy the constraints of time and distance as it provides access to knowledge that was once difficult to obtain. This is true in the classroom, on the college(More)
Applications that require untethered access, in real-time, to multimedia information sources are made possible by mobile multimedia networks. These include support for decision makers in the field, crisis management and response, law enforcement, etc. The multimedia applications demand constant and continuous flow of data from the integrated sources. So,(More)
The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) forum [1] decided to establish a standard for Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) Communications over Long-Term Evolution (LTE) for Release 13. MCPTT systems utilized by public safety (PS) agencies enable their personnel to selectively and sequentially transmit messages to one another, either on a one-to-one(More)
We propose a method to maintain the continuiry of data transfer during W f f s in mobile network. The methodpelfonns e@ cient buffering of the data at the Base station using toggled buflers. The method has been tested on in-house wiredhvireless networks. The msult have showed e n o m u s improvement in the continuity of data tmnsfer during multiple handofs(More)
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