R. Rajaraman

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Radiation induced soft errors in combinational logic is expected to become as important as directly induced errors on state elements. Consequently, it has become important to develop techniques to quickly and accurately predict soft error rates (SER) in logic circuits. In this paper, we propose a new approach, which can be applied to designs that use cell(More)
Increasing variability not only affects the behavior of contemporary ICs but also their vulnerability to transient error phenomenon especially radiation induced soft errors. Such variations in device parameters are caused by static process variations, dynamic variations in power supply and temperature and slow degradation of individual devices due to(More)
Abstract— Radiation induced soft errors in combinational logic is expected to become as important as directly induced errors on memory elements. Recent works have looked at modeling and estimating soft errors in logic circuits. Increased power consumption with very dense circuits has led to large number of hot spots in present day ICs. Voltage scaling is(More)
This paper describes an ultra-wideband (UWB) radar system designed to detect motor vehicles such as cars and trucks when they are present in a railway crossing. Once fully developed, the detection performance of the system is to be compared against a video detection system in a test at a crossing in Maywood, Illinois. If the test is successful this system(More)
Estimates of India’s current stocks of fissile material holdings are presented, along with projections of their future production. India’s plutonium stocks (weapon-grade and reactor-grade) are first calculated in spent fuel form. Then different efficiency scenarios for India’s reprocessing plants are assumed to estimate how much of this plutonium is likely(More)
The existence of attractions between like-charged colloids immersed in ionic solution has been discovered in recent experiments. This phenomenon contradicts the predictions of Derjaguin-Landau-Verwey-Overbeek and indicates a failure of mean-field theory. We study a toy model based on a two-dimensional one-component plasma, which is exactly soluble at one(More)
Soft error rate (SER) testing and measurements of semiconductor circuits with different operating voltages and operating conditions have been performed using the thermal neutron beam at the Radiation Science and Engineering Center (RSEC) at Penn State University. The high neutron flux allows for accelerated testing for SER by increasing reaction rate(More)
Abstract— In this paper, we have applied an accurate and efficient homotopy analysis method (HAM) to find the approximate/analytical solutions for space and time fractional reactiondiffusion equations arising in mathematical chemistry. The method provides solutions in rapid convergence series with computable terms. To the best of our knowledge, until now(More)