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This paper introduces three new heuristics for the Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). One of the heuristics called Initialization Heuristics (IH) is applicable only to the Euclidean TSP, while other two heuristics RemoveSharp and LocalOpt can be applied to all forms of symmetric and asymmetric TSPs. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm (HGA) has been(More)
This paper presents a novel algorithm for clustering of nodes by transmission range based clustering (TRBC).This algorithm does topology management by the usage of coverage area of each node and power management based on mean transmission power within the context of wireless ad-hoc networks. By reducing the transmission range of the nodes, energy consumed(More)
The World Wide Web is growing rapidly and the Internet users are still increasing day by day. Increasing with the number of users, the need for automatic classification techniques with good classification accuracy increases as search engines depend on previously classified web pages stored as classified directories to retrieve the relevant results. Machine(More)
The number of users and the amount of information available has exploded since the advent of the World Wide Web (WWW). Most of Web users use various search engines to get specific information. A key factor in the success of Web search engines are their ability to rapidly find good quality results to the queries that are based on specific terms. This paper(More)
This paper presents an automatic Facet Generation Framework (AFGF) for an efficient document retrieval. Facet generation is the task of automatically discovering facets of documents from text descriptions. In this paper, we propose a new approach which is both unsupervised and domain independent to extract the facets. We also discover an efficiency(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of two or more mobile devices (e.g. PDAs, laptop, cell phones, etc.) with multi-hop wireless communication. Clustering has evolved as an important research topic in MANETs as it improves the system performance of large MANETs. Due to the dynamic nature of the mobile nodes, their association and disassociation(More)
Empirical evidence suggests that macroeconomic growth in India is not correlated with any substantial reductions in the prevalence of child undernutrition over time. This study investigates the two commonly hypothesized pathways through which macroeconomic growth is expected to reduce child undernutrition: (1) an increase in public developmental expenditure(More)
This paper proposes an idea for selecting cluster heads which are not only stable but also reduces the overhead in maintaining the cluster architecture. Cluster maintenance overheads can be minimized by minimizing the number of generated clusters and the variance of the number of cluster members. The goal is to provide a generic and stable cluster structure(More)