R. Raja Kumar

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This paper examines the factors influencing the continuance decisions of the early adopters of m-banking services in Kerala, India. The study was designed in the JIBC April 2012, Vol. 17, No.1 2 backdrop of the issues faced by the banks to attract more customers irrespective of the huge mobile penetration in the country. The study used constructs adopted(More)
Mind is a complex information processing mechanism which causes consciousness the processed information content of mind. Information coming from both the outer world (physical world) and the inner world (mind) are equally being processed in the mind. We use various methods to represent information. Anything which represents an information is a model and the(More)
Indian power sector is growing at an enormous pace. Building and operating such a power system is a challenging problem. The power network which carries the MWs across large distances is analogous to a "muscle system" of human body. Likewise, the entire range of associated monitoring and control network is analogous to a "nervous system". While(More)
Privacy is fetching a progressively more imperative issue in several data-mining applications dealing with sensitive data especially in health care, security, financial, behavioral etc., Most of the existing techniques are managing a Secure Two-Party Computation model, where two parties, each having a private database, want to cooperatively conduct(More)
Reputation is considered to be an important aspect for enabling reliable data communication among the mobile nodes present in a multihop network like mobile ad hoc network. But, the presence of the selfish nodes could wreak considerable damage to the network performance. Reputation based models were mainly formulated for enforcing cooperation and at the(More)
The cutting tool is an important basic tool required in the machining process of a part in production. It not only performs the cutting action but helps in getting required surface finish and accuracy of the part. In order to perform these tasks the tool has to be strong enough to withstand wear resistance and serve for long period of time to produce more(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) is the latest buzzword that is becoming a growing field of interest. There is a strong belief that Higher Education Institutions (HEI) would have a tremendous value when they develop initiatives to create and share knowledge to achieve their objectives. KM typically focuses on institutions' objectives such as improved performance,(More)
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