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Sign language recognition (SLR) is considered a multidisciplinary research area engulfing image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. The major hurdle for a SLR is the occlusions of one hand on another. This results in poor segmentations and hence the feature vector generated result in erroneous classifications of signs resulting in(More)
Crowd Density Analysis (CDA) aims to compute concentration of crowd in surveillance videos. This paper core is to estimate the crowd concentrations using crowd feature tracking with optical flow. Local features are extracted using Features for Accelerated Segment Test (FAST) algorithm per frame. Optical flow tracks the features between frames of the(More)
The vast majority of perimesencephalic subarachnoid hemorrhage cases are reported as negative-finding etiologies. Recently, high-resolution images allowed us to overcome the previous difficulty of finding the source of bleeding, which underlies the concept of a “negative finding”. We discovered a venous etiology, hidden behind the tip of the basilar artery;(More)
The speech enhancement is one of the important techniques used to improve the quality of a speech signal i.e. degraded by noise. Speech Enhancement using Kalman Filter require calculating the parameters of AR (auto-regressive) model, and performing a lot of matrix operations, which is non-adaptive. Speech Enhancement using Weiner filter very hard to find(More)
Ultrasound medical (US) imaging non-invasively pictures inside of a human body for disease diagnostics. Speckle noise attacks ultrasound images degrading their visual quality. A twofold processing algorithm is proposed in this work to reduce this multiplicative speckle noise. First fold used block based thresholding, both hard (BHT) and soft (BST), on(More)
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