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Low birth weight predicts adult essential hypertension and is linked to increased cardiovascular mortality in adult life. A reduction in capillary density (ie, rarefaction) is a hallmark of essential hypertension, and evidence suggests that rarefaction precedes the onset of the rise in blood pressure, because it is found in normotensive individuals at high(More)
BACKGROUND Capillary rarefaction is pathognomonic of essential hypertension. We have previously shown significant capillary rarefaction in normotensive adult offspring of hypertensive parents, suggesting a familial predisposition in which capillary rarefaction represents a primary vascular abnormality that antedates the onset of sustained elevation of blood(More)
The simulation of test vectors in ATE formats is shown to facilitate diagnosis and prevention of failures at the ATE. This paper discusses the requirements for a simulation-based flow to validate the test vectors before being handed out to the ATE engineers. The experiences of running such a flow, developed based on this methodology, is also briefly(More)
We investigate the issue of automated design of wireless mesh networks (WMN). The general scenario we envision is that of constructing WMNs with WLAN networks as clients (tier 1) and a mesh network (tier 2) to provide inter-WLAN as well as gateway connectivity. Our main aim in this work is to a) design capacity-constrained WMNs, b) build resilient WMNs with(More)
An understanding of international dental education systems is critical for the education of foreign-trained dentists in U.S. dental programs. However, there is little information on this topic. This article provides information regarding 1) dental history, 2) dental school system, 3) curriculum/examination at dental school, and 4) dental licensure in India(More)