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Clone Detection has considerably evolved over the last decade, leading to approaches with better results but with increasing complexity. Most of the existing approaches are limited to finding program fragments similar in their syntax or semantics, while the fraction of candidates that are actually clones and fraction of actual clones identified as(More)
In this paper circularly polarized rectangular patch microstrip antenna is designed and its parameters are compared with another simple patch antenna without circular polarization. The impedance matching and radiation characteristics of this designed structure are studied. The presented antenna is based on coaxial feed with thin substrate and 1.75 GHz(More)
The idea of cloud computing has been evolving over the years, towards the direction that best suits the perpetual needs of organizations. The majority of organizations have started to house their own Internal private cloud, rather than relying on third party private clouds for wide range of reasons. Development of an internal private cloud has to overcome a(More)
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