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Our objective is to penetrate the " black box " of sell-side financial analysts by providing new insights into the inputs analysts use and the incentives they face. We survey 365 analysts and conduct 18 follow-up interviews covering a wide range of topics, including the inputs to analysts' earnings forecasts and stock recommendations, the value of their(More)
Exchange Commission for helpful comments. Jaclyn Whitehorn provided research assistance. We are grateful to Thomson Financial for providing earnings per share forecast data, available through the Institutional Brokers Estimate System. These data have been provided as part of a broad academic program to encourage earnings expectations research. Abstract(More)
This paper explores the role of investment bankers and lock-up provisions in the market for new equity issues. In a sample of 1,948 IPOs, we find support for the notion that lock-ups serve as commitment mechanisms at the time of the IPO. Insiders of firms that are associated with greater informational asymmetries lock-up their shares for a longer period of(More)
A diverse collection of 14 metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) was screened for CO(2) capture from flue gas using a combined experimental and modeling approach. Adsorption measurements are reported for the screened MOFs at room temperature up to 1 bar. These data are used to validate a generalized strategy for molecular modeling of CO(2) and other small(More)
Hydrothermal stability is a pertinent issue to address for many industrial applications where percent levels of water can be present at temperatures ranging from subambient to several hundred degrees. Our objective is to understand relative stabilities of MOF materials through experimental testing combined with molecular modeling. This will enable the(More)
Metal-organic frameworks with unsaturated metal centers in their crystal structures, such as Ni/DOBDC and Mg/DOBDC, are promising adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture from flue gas due to their high CO(2) capacities at subatmospheric pressures. However, stability is a critical issue for their application. In this paper, the stabilities of Ni/DOBDC and(More)
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have recently attracted intense research interest because of their permanent porous structures, huge surface areas, and potential applications as novel adsorbents and catalysts. In order to provide a basis for consideration of MOFs for removal of carbon dioxide from gases containing water vapor, such as flue gas, we have(More)