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the demand for mobile communication has been growing day by day. Resource flexibility is one of the most important issues in the coming generation of mobile communication. Different techniques are required to increase the efficiency & flexibility of the network to deal with new services and to adopt the new traffic profiles and characteristics. This paper(More)
This paper proposes weighted decision fusion for classification on a sample hyperspectral image which has two characteristics 1) Spatial and 2) Spectral. Spatial is nothing but within a single band and Spectral means narrow spectral bands over a continuous spectral range.The Weighted Majority voting rule is introduced which is likely to enhance the(More)
This paper proposes low complexity codec for lossy compression on a sample hyperspectral image. These images have two kinds of redundancies: 1) spatial; and 2) spectral. A discrete cosine transform (DCT)-based Distributed Source Coding(DSC) paradigm with Arithmetic code for low complexity is introduced. Here, Set-partitioning based approach is applied to(More)
The project aims to build a monocular vision autonomous car prototype using Raspberry Pi as a processing chip. An HD camera along with an ultrasonic sensor is used to provide necessary data from the real world to the car. The car is capable of reaching the given destination safely and intelligently thus avoiding the risk of human errors. Many existing(More)
— Blog reviews,discussion forums, different type of social sites have created a new type of marketing and communication that connects the gap between simple word-of-mouth and a viral form of opinions which can move virtual mountains for a business. In the Movie Domain, a single movie can have the variation between millions of rupees of profits or losses for(More)
This paper attempts to improve the quality and the modification rate of a Stego Image. The input image provided for estimating the quality of an image and the modified rate is a bitmap image. The threshold value is used as a parameter for selecting the high frequency pixels from the Cover Image. The data embedding process are performed on the pixels that(More)
There are several shortcomings in the existing data migration techniques in Hierarchical Storage Systems (HSS). The first and the most important among them is that data migration policies are user defined-hence static and reactive. Secondly, data migration at the host side is not yet completely explored. The other major drawbacks are that each storage tier(More)
Online signature recognition is one of the important behavioral biometric trait. This signature has information of x, y, z variations, pressure, azimuth of pen tip, pen tip altitude. This makes online handwritten signature based biometric system more accurate than the static ones. In this paper new set of features are proposed for online or dynamic(More)
Determining the bug signatures(context of bug) is difficult, as it involves mining the execution traces of the program. The discriminative graph mining algorithm is used to identify the bug signatures. It requires manual labelling of the input set to estimate the discriminative subgraphs. To reduce the tedious work of manual labelling, this paper presents(More)