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Introduction. These lectures will focus on those properties of maximal monotone operators which are valid in arbitrary real Banach spaces. Most applications (to nonlinear partial differential equations, optimization, calculus of variations, etc.) take place in reflexive spaces, in part because several key properties have only been shown to hold in such(More)
1. Introduction. If £ is a real normed linear space, a subspace M of E is said to be a CebySev subspace ii to each y in E there exists a unique nearest element x in M, that is, an element x in M such that ||y—x|| <||y—z\\ for zEM, z^x. The problem of characterizing such subspaces for the classical Banach spaces of functions is an interesting one. The first(More)
We deal with some problems related to vector addition and diametric completion procedures of convex bodies in C(K) spaces. We prove that each of the following properties of convex bodies in C(K) characterizes the underlying compact Hausdorff space K as a Stonean space: (i) C(K) has a generating unit ball; (ii) all Maehara sets in C(K) are complete; (iii)(More)
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