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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify the factors associated with adjustment to breast cancer among sexual minority women with breast cancer and their support person. METHODS In a cross-sectional study, sexual minority women with breast cancer and their support provider were asked to self-report social support, distress, and coping, using(More)
This report describes a design strategy for performing a retrofit to IBM Corporation' s Virtual Machine 370 (VM/370) system that will provide a time-shared environment in which user processes bearing differing military classification levels may be operated simultaneously without compromise to military security. The strategy entails drawing together into a(More)
It is generally agreed that excessive intracellular calcium accumulation is the main culprit for nerve cell damage following brain injury. Many autoradiographic studies of the post-injury brain have demonstrated an accumulation of 45Ca2+ in regions exhibiting neuronal damage. We have recently observed, after cortical contusion trauma [10], that there was a(More)
OBJECTIVES Area probability sampling was used to conduct a women's health survey in Boston, MA. Sexual minority women (SMW) and heterosexual adult women were compared on a variety of health-related measures. METHODS SMW-rich census tracts were identified and mapped onto zip code boundaries. Eligible respondents were women 18 and older who lived within the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine factors that influence sexual minority women's coping responses and adjustment to breast cancer. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional study with 64 sexual minority women with breast cancer who were recruited through targeted community-based sampling. In this study, sexual minority women consisted of three sexual orientation(More)
BACKGROUND Prior research on decision-making for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy has not addressed the specific considerations of sexual minority women (women who partner with women, and lesbian or bisexual identified women). The purpose of this study is to explore which issues sexual minority women considered when making decisions on reconstructive(More)
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