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We think that an appropriate design of Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) environment should facilitate creative and innovative collaborative work especially in the new era of global collective creation and exchange of media content: digital film, scientific data and R&D communication process applied to New Media. Our METIS project is based on a(More)
The local anesthetic dibucaine inhibited respiration-dependent contraction mediated by the K(+)/H(+) antiport system of isolated corn mitochondria. Respiration declined concurrently. Nigericin, an exogenous K(+)/H(+) exchanger, restored ion efflux in dibucaine-blocked corn mitochondria. It was concluded that dibucaine inhibited ion efflux via blockage of(More)
Bipolaris maydis race T toxin (BmT), and its functional analog, methomyl, uncoupled Texas male-sterile (T) cytoplasm mitochondria by decreasing the resistance of the inner membrane to protons. However, unlike protonophoric or ionophoric agents, BmT toxin and methomyl induced irreversible swelling. Packed volume measurements showed that mitochondrial volume(More)
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