R. R. Janke

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In 1988 an experiment was established at the Rodale Institute Experimental Farm to study weed control and nitrogen (N) management in rotations with grain crops and N-fixing green manures under reduced tillage without the use of herbicides. Tillage intensities ranging from moldboard plow (MP) to continuous no-till (NT) were compared. We present results for(More)
sensor is described. The geometry of the device, the behaviour of the packaging materials as well as the packaging process are regarded using this method. The complex material behaviour of adhesives and moulding compounds was investigated. The results show, that for modelling the influence of the packaging on the sensor performance correctly, the nonlinear(More)
In recent years, significant advances have been made in the development of gradientbased optimization algorithms and their application to inverse problems in water distribution systems. We apply a gradient-based optimization procedure to the problem of identifying the location of a contaminant injected into a distribution system based on data collected at a(More)
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