R R Flörke

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Interaction between two alphabeta half-receptors within the (alphabeta)(2) holoreceptor complex is required for insulin binding with high affinity and for insulin-triggered changes of size and shape. To understand the underlying structure-function relationship, two truncated receptor constructs have been characterized. Reduction in the Stokes radius and(More)
CONTEXT Adipokines are linked to the development of cardiovascular dysfunction in type 2 diabetes (DM2). In DM2-patients, circulating levels of omentin-1, an adipokine preferentially expressed in epicardial adipose tissue, are decreased. This study investigated whether omentin-1 has a cardioprotective function. METHODS Omentin-1 levels in plasma and(More)
In the present study, the Triton X-114 phase-separation system has been used to characterize molecular properties of the membrane-exposed domain of an integral-membrane hormone receptor. This approach provides novel details of the structure/function relationship of insulin receptors. Upon raising the temperature of a micellar Triton X-114 solution above the(More)
Structural requirements for signal processing by human placental insulin receptors have been examined. Insulin binding has been found to change the physico-chemical properties of (alpha beta)2 receptors solubilized with Triton X-100, indicating a marked alteration of the form, i.e. size and shape, of the molecular complex. (a) The Stokes radius decreases(More)
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