R. R. Fischer

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A simple method for the preparation of rabbit antiserum against human von Willebrand factor (vWF) from commercial lyophilized factor VIII concentrate is described. vWF antigen (vWFAg)-like protein was obtained by gel filtration of the concentrate on Sepharose 4B. A combination of measurements of protein content by absorbance at 280 nm, and of vWFAg by(More)
Reviewed data suggest that the prevalence of severe von Wille-brand's disease is influenced by ethnic and geographic factors. In the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, seven genealogies in which 11 individuals had a severe expression of von Willebrand's disease were localized. These affected subjects had similar laboratory results and all of them seemed to(More)
Isolated Factor V deficiency is a very rare inherited coagulopathy. A genealogy of Brazilian Caucasians, where this disorder occurs, is reported. In this family, which was located because 2 affected individuals having the same surname were found by chance, the genealogical and laboratory data suggest an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance.(More)
A family is described in which two brothers, with a significant haemorrhagic disorder, are affected by combined factor V/VIII deficiency. In one of these patients an abnormal decrease of von Willebrand factor was also observed. Family studies suggest that both of the brothers are homozygous for a recessive gene. Normal laboratory results were found in eight(More)
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