R R Faskhutdinov

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Investigation of the contractility of the anterior tibial muscle in patients with vertebrogenic radiculopathy and in rats with experimental radiculopathy has demonstrated a reduction in the rate and force of isometric contraction. The method may be employed in the diagnosis and in the assessment of the dynamics and efficacy of therapy for neuromuscular(More)
Experiments on 35 sexually mature rats showed that inhibition and weakening of muscle contractions at the early stage of reinnervation is replaced by their acceleration and strengthening at the later stages. An analysis of the neurotrophic influence of the nerve on the skeletal muscle is also carried out. The findings obtained can be utilized in assessing(More)
The authors studied the characteristics of isometric contraction in in vivo experiments and the histochemical typical composition of muscles in different forms of experimental impairments of innervation simulating clinical pathology. The results demonstrate that in different forms of neuromuscular pathology there is a general tendency toward changes in the(More)
The subject of this experimental study was the isometric contractile properties of rat tibialis anterior muscle, number and average size of the motor units as well as type content and type-grouping of muscle fibres according to SDH activity in the same muscle after total and partial denervation (crushing the sciatic nerve and L4). It has been shown that in(More)
The contractile and electromyographic properties of the tibialis anterior muscle from the affected and normal side have been studied in 27 patients with lumbar radiculopathies. It was found, that at the early stages of denervation-reinnervation process (according B. M. Gecht e.a.) the rise of the strength and rate characteristics twitch contraction are(More)
Electromyograph unit for an automated analysis of the interference electromyogram is intended for quantitative analysis of the interference electromyogram, drawn aside by a needle electrode. The offered unit is very simple in design and allows to get the objective data of the functional state of the neuromuscular system.
Disorders were detected in the contractile properties of tibial muscles in the patients with stroke-related motor disturbances depending on the degree of functional deficit. Maximum slow-down in the fast muscles and speeding of the slow ones was detected within half-year since the stroke.
The authors performed pathomorphological examinations in 19 patients with compressional-neural and myodystrophic syndromes of lumbar osteochondritis and also in 16 experimental animals with an impaired axoplasmic current. In the light of the modern understanding of the neurodystrophic control the authors discuss the mechanisms of the(More)
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