R. R. F. Hidalgo

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The Andean gene pool of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) has high levels of morphological diversity in terms of seed color and size, growth habit and agro-ecological adaptation, but previously was characterized by low levels of molecular marker diversity. Three races have been described within the Andean gene pool: Chile, Nueva Granada and Peru. The(More)
Stigma-height dimorphism is a sexual polymorphism in which plant populations are composed of two floral morphs that differ significantly in style length but not anther position. The morphs exhibit approach and reverse herkogamy, floral designs that in most species typically occur as monomorphic conditions. We investigated the floral biology of stigma-height(More)
A precocious line of Eimeria necatrix (PEN E-281/20) with an abbreviated life cycle was derived from a Spanish field strain (E-281) by repeated passages of the first shed oocysts recovered from the caecal contents of previously infected chickens. After 20 passages, the 'useful' prepatent period (time from infection to obtaining sufficient oocysts to(More)
The time development of active regions generates slow period variations in the solar flux, this is called the slowly varying component or S-component of radio emission. Thus, the study of structure and physical processes in active regions, estimation of plasma parameters referring to layer in solar atmosphere are accessible by radio methods [1]. Although(More)
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